LED Panel Light Round Surface

• The lumens power of LED lightings that we use is 60-65.
• Our LED approved with LM80 report is available.
• LED panel light round is defined with the LM6 aluminum material.
• LED has 6000-6500 colour temperature.
• The LED driver power factor is 0.95%.
• With 2 years warranty.
• With the growing technology LED has made a good impact on the market.
• LED is eco-friendly plus it saves a lot of energy, giving more bright light.
• Our product gives the quality assurance.
• It assures you total benefits.

C-118 4 W LED PANEL LIGHT 84*84 mm 1
C-119 8 W LED PANEL LIGHT 112*112 mm 1
C-120 12 W LED PANEL LIGHT 152*152 mm 1
C-121 15 W LED PANEL LIGHT 184*184 mm 1
C-122 22 W LED PANEL LIGHT 223*223 mm 1